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iPaas integration platform as a service for La Concorde Bakery

When operating in the fast-paced world of a wholesale bakery, high-frequency orders require solutions that can operate at scale. Orders need to be organised, automated and fault-free, with an interface that allows customers to easily track their freshly baked goods orders. Our system allowed La Concorde to track their orders with iPaas integration platform as a service.

iPaas integration platform as a service

A bakery for B2B orders

For the past 50 years, La Concorde Bakery has been a market leader in the large wholesale baking industry. They have one of the widest ranges of rolls, bread, flatbread, sandwiches, and confectionery available in South Africa. With over 500 product lines within this range, their production feeds more than 100,000 people daily. They take JIT (Just in time) orders early in the morning and need to get orders into the bakery and out the door as fast as possible. This need posed the perfect opportunity to implement an iPaas integration platform as a service

Baking up a solution

Moditar first started by integrating their large corporate orders from companies like MyMarket, Empact Group and TTS. This automated a large number of order receipts. 

La Concorde subscribed to Moditar’s Order App — which is optimised for high volume Business to Business (B2B) order taking. Moditar configured automated updates of their pricelists from Sage Evolution to our white-labelled B2B-order application. We adjusted the application to represent their livery.

iPaas integration platform as a service

They subsequently approached Moditar for a solution to their more remote customers that did not have a quality internet connection. We set up a La Concorde Excel price list template that could be emailed to the Utopia system. The system downloads, validates, transforms and then processes the orders into Sage Evolution.

Between these three applications, this gave them all the functionality they required, including: 

  • Direct EDI integration of orders from their large catering clients to their Sage Evolution ERP
  • Direct integration of all B2B order app orders to their Sage ERP and orders off emails from their excel ordering sheets
  • Connection to our Utopia integration engine which will allow for fast onboarding of new systems.
  • Transaction visibility and data validation with error reporting
  • Email notifications to customers upon successful order processing with order number
  • Mobile and Desktop light interfaces
  • Synchronisation of their customer, product and price list data direct to the app
  • Save daily and weekly templates to open and place standard repeat orders quickly
  • Search functionality to easily find and add products
  • Ability to add order notes, as well as notes against each line
iPaas integration platform as a service

The result

Thanks to the applications we selected, La Concorde Bakery now experiences:

  • More clients
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Increased revenue
  • Always up to date ERP Data

“Ours is a fast-moving business and our customers expect excellence. Moditar has transformed our business through direct EDI integration of orders from our large catering customers, and their B2B Order App has been fantastic in automating order receipt from our restaurant clients”, says Alexi, at La Concorde.

iPaas integration platform as a service

Orders ready to be whisked away

La Concorde bakery now can operate at full steam with their iPaas integration platform as a service. Have a similar situation and need help integrating orders from your eCommerce platforms or trading partners? Contact us.

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